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Engineering Class


We are extremely grateful for your donation and your commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of these talented individuals.

Thanks to your contribution, we can continue providing essential resources, education, internships and more to individuals who need that extra bit of support due to the challenges they have faced to date.  Our mission is to build their confidence and grow their talents so they may go on to enjoy a career in the field of engineering.

Your generosity enables us to create an inclusive and supportive environment where they can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives to the world of technology.

Thank you.

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For single, one-off donations, through PayPal Giving Fund, please click here:
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Please see below for examples on how your funds will be spent

How are my funds used?

Covering Fees

Paying for fees for an SMF Star to attend and complete a Makerspace summer programme, FabLab course or relevant afterschool club for a certain period of time. 

By signing up you'll be the first to know about upcoming applications rounds, exciting fundraising events, heartwarming star updates and exclusive ways you can get involved with the SMF. 

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