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Our Story

Our dear friend and E3D-Online co-founder, Sanjay Mortimer, tragically passed away in Nov 21, at the young age of 32. Sanjay was a legend in our industry and played a huge role in revolutionising FDM 3D printing. His reach was global, and news of his death sent shock waves around the world. 

Sanjay himself suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He was always open about this condition and the challenges it brought, and he was determined to not let it define him. 

Those who knew Sanjay up close could quickly see he was a visionary with a brilliant mind. His capacity to think unconventionally drove much of the progress our company and the 3D printing industry has enjoyed. The way he addressed this condition and the success he achieved, combined with his immense passion for 3D printing, and a need to continue his legacy, are why we've formed the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation.  

Every one of us either knew Sanjay intimately or are passionate about the mission of the charity due to our personal links with it. We may be a small team, but we pack a big punch.

Meet the Team

Teula Bradshaw.jfif

Teula Bradshaw

Founder & CEO

For the last few years, Teula worked with Sanjay as his ‘right hand man’ and friend at E3D. Teula has been the driving force behind setting up the foundation & registering it as a charity. Going forward she will continue to run all operational aspects of the SMF and lead efforts in fundraising & developing SMF partnerships in order to continue the SMF’s mission.

Our Board Members

Our Board and Advisory Board is made up of a group of volunteers who's expertise and experience is vital to help us achieve our Charitable purpose.  They each bring unique skills and insights to the running and management of the SMF. They share the collective goal to want to see the SMF thrive and help us support those with neurodiverse minds to realise their potential through engineering.

David Lamb_edited_edited_edited.jpg

David Lamb

Interim Chair

As Sanjay’s friend and business partner for more than 10 years, David understood his limitations but more importantly, the fantastic talents ADHD afforded him. David’s teaching experience has given him firsthand knowledge of the impacts of SEN in young adults. He sees this foundation as an opportunity to help young people with neurodiversity thrive and succeed in their lives & careers.


Jhenna Mortimer


Jhenna, Sanjay's half sister, brings extensive experience in charity legal services, along with her successful track record in maximizing charity income and resolving legal disputes. Her proven skills in relationship development, and fundraising, highlight her capability to expand SMF's network, secure long-term support, and promote the foundation's objectives effectively. Additionally, she is committed to providing legal support and leveraging her knowledge of UK charity law.


Liam Wheeler


A Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Liam brings to the Trust a wealth of both financial knowledge and Industrial experience. With an autistic nephew himself, Liam sees the SMF as a fantastic opportunity to highlight the value of Neurodiverse people in society. 

Neill Macklin_edited.png

Neill Macklin


A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Neill has significant experience in corporate governance, procedures and reporting. Having worked with Sanjay he developed an understanding of the impact of neurodiversity with chronic conditions, Neill is a valued founding trustee for the SMF.


Jason Headshot.jpg

Jason Lessard


Working with Sanjay for the last few years of his life, Jason experienced Sanjay’s brilliant mind first hand. From the whirlwind ideation sessions to stealth intelligence gathering, he helped Jason recognise how much of a superpower a neurodivergent mind can be for someone passionate about what they do. Jason joins the team to help our Stars find opportunities to experience engineering work, so they can also find their passion.

Our Advisory Board Members

Our Advisory Board is made up of a group of volunteers who have key expertise that we can lean on from time to time.  We are extremely grateful to them for their volunteer support. 

By signing up you'll be the first to know about upcoming applications rounds, exciting fundraising events, heartwarming star updates and exclusive ways you can get involved with the SMF. 

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