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Sanjay Mortimer

Sanjay Mortimer, co-founder of E3D-Online, tragically died on 27th November 2021. Sanjay was just 32 years old, and in his short life he attained legendary status. You only needed to meet Sanjay once for him to have a profound impact on you - indeed, he even achieved that effect on some without ever having met them at all.


Sanjay lived outside the rules of convention, driven by his own passions – to have fun whilst revolutionising FDM 3D Printing through his, and E3D’s mission, to ‘change the way humanity manufacturers goods’. Every person that reads this, and knew Sanjay, will have a humorous or memorable story to share.

No day was the same in Sanjay’s world and we dearly miss every part of him - his boundless enthusiasm and excitement; his ability to see into the future and with it, the brave decisions he took; his generosity and the time he spared for every person he ever met; his patience and desire to educate and be educated; and of course, his infectious, and sometimes wild personality!  


Sanjay had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He was always open about this condition and the challenges it brought, and he was determined to not let it define him. 

Those who knew Sanjay up close could quickly see he was a visionary with a brilliant mind. His capacity to think unconventionally drove much of the progress E3D and the 3D printing industry has enjoyed. The way he addressed this condition and the success he achieved, combined with his immense passion for 3D printing, and a need to continue his legacy, are why we've formed the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation.

If you would like to help us on our mission ‘to help those with neurodivergent minds, recognise their strengths

and talents, through engineering and making’, please donate to our cause, thank you:

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