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TCT Rising Star Award 2024

For the second year running, the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation were supported by TCT to bring you the
TCT SMF Rising Star Award 2024! 
The award recognises an up-and-coming neurodivergent young person who has potential to contribute greatly to the engineering industry and who is particularly interested in 3D printing. 


The winning entrant received a mod0 3D printer, with custom artwork, from the extremely talented BrendonBuilds, renowned within the community for pushing innovation boundaries.  Along with the printer the winning entrant will have the opportunity to become an SMF Star, providing access to grants, training and more.

Winner of the SMF Rising Star Award 2024

Charlotte Bridgewater!

Charlotte Bridgewater is a student at Newcastle University who has a passion for helping others. She developed the idea of her dissertation project to assist her friend with a lifelong physical disability. She is designing the “TuCan”, an assistive technology device that helps individuals with poor grip strength open beverage cans. She achieved one of the highest marks in her entire year group for the initial submission for this project.  As a female in a field where women are underrepresented, she embodies creativity, self-motivation, hard work, and most importantly, compassion. She has shown remarkable resilience against adverse situations that could have hindered her success, making her a deserving recipient of the SMF Rising Star Award.


The mod0

This machine is only the third of its kind, it is a compact and powerful open-source CoreXY with the flexibility to produce quality parts quickly and the opportunity to tinker. Featuring the E3D Hemera XS, Revo High-Temperature Hotside and a 0.4mm High Flow ObXidian nozzle, mod0 is ready for any filament. We are extremely grateful to Brendon for his generous donation, this is an incredible opportunity to own a truly unique printer with impressive capabilities.

Dallas Campbell, Lottie Bridgewater, Teula Bradshaw

Lottie Bridgewater receives her award from host Dallas Campbell and Teula Bradshaw, CEO of the SMF

Winner of the SMF Rising Star Award 2023

Zac Smith!

TCT Awards 2023 - SMF Rising Star Winners Photo.png

Zac Smith receives his award from host Jonny Herbert and David Lamb, Trustee of the SMF

Zac's application demonstrated that despite the challenges of his neurodiversity, he has found solace and joy exploring engineering and design, having consistently delivered outstanding results that showcase his technical skill, innovation and creative thinking, and is using his unique perspective to bring fresh and invaluable qualities to the field of engineering.

As the winning entrant Zac received a Prusa 3D printer to help support his journey into Engineering, plus the opportunity to become an SMF Star, providing access to grants, training and more. During his acceptance speech, 16 year old Zac thanked all the support he has received from his school teachers as well as thanking Sanjay specifically for his incredible influence and inspiration.  

The Prusa MK4

The MK4 was generously donated by Prusa Research Ltd, one of the SMF partners.  It is the latest edition of their flagship 3D printing workhorse. It combines the reliability and safety features of its predecessors with high-speed performance enabled by Input Shaper support. It brings plenty of new features like a perfect smooth first layer thanks to the Loadcell sensor (no manual adjustments needed).

David Lamb, Teula Bradshaw, Charlotte Bridgewater, Zac Smith
Georgia Willans, David Lamb, Teula Bradshaw

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