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The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF) is a charity established to find and assist those with neurodivergent minds to realise their potential through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). 

Neurodivergent minds can think creatively, they can be analytical, highly focused, excellent problem solvers, have high attention to detail, and think outside the box. They may struggle at school and university where rigid curriculums and standardised environments prevail. Such environments can pose challenges for neurodiverse individuals and result in students becoming discouraged and disinterested in learning. 

The SMF aims to find these individuals and introduce them to a hands-on or strength-based way of learning (focusing on an area they genuinely enjoy). This can provide an outlet and help them to realise where their talents and strengths lie.  

Help us find these individuals within the STEM world, build their confidence and self-esteem, so that they may find their niche and potentially go on to impact their chosen industry and define its evolution, just like Sanjay Mortimer…   

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What is the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation (SMF)?

Our Mission

"To help those with neurodiverse minds recognise their strengths and talents through engineering and making"

Key Players in the SMF

In order to make the SMF a reality, we rely on some key groups of people to help a small team make a big vision a reality.



Your donations are what make the foundation feasible, we are so grateful for donations to date and thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.  Every little helps and your money will go towards helping an SMF Star navigate the challenging world we live in.


SMF Partner

These are professional bodies who want to help us with our mission, such as 3D printing firms, Engineering institutions, charities etc. We need your support, donations, resources, experience & guidance to help us realise our mission


SMF Collaborator

These are the volunteers, based in England and Wales, who run the safe spaces where our SMF Stars can learn, thrive and make in - Makerspaces or after-school clubs, holiday club runners, teachers, university tutors, or anyone else that may be able to lend a hand in realising our mission

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SMF Star

These are neurodiverse individuals, from England or Wales, with an interest in engineering. They may be struggling financially and with mainstream education and would benefit from an alternative way of learning. We will work with our Collaborators to help us find our SMF Stars

For more information on how you can help out, please visit our Get Involved page

How it works

We have created a reusable platform in order to achieve the greatest reach. We are currently only set up to support individuals in England and Wales, but are working behind the scenes to be able to further our reach globally, as soon as we can. We share our mission and lean on the support of our collaborators to help us find our SMF Stars.  Building relationships with Partners allows it all to happen.

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Share our Mission

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Build Partners & Collaborators

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Provide 'SMF Support'

Sharing our mission through our website, social comms, at industry events, with makerspaces, holiday clubs, schools, universities, engineering trade shows and organisations, to name a few. Our hope is that our Collaborators will be the ones who identify potential SMF Stars, and then apply to us for SMF support.   

Building a cohort of volunteers (Collaborators), will help us spread the mission and deliver SMF support to the individuals that will benefit from it the most.

Seaking support, donations, resources & experience from large organisations, charities, engineering institutions & firms will help us achieve our mission.

We will work with our collaborators to provide support in the best way possible to each Star. Fees or funding, resources & equipment, training & education, work experience & job opportunities, including access to our network, newsletters and helpful information – as many ways as we can feasibly help.

By signing up you'll be the first to know about upcoming applications rounds, exciting fundraising events, heartwarming star updates and exclusive ways you can get involved with the SMF. 

Stay in the Know
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