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Applications now open!

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Apply Now for SMF Support 

The SMF invites grant applications for neurodivergent youth engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities.​

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Key Terminology


Before applying, please check you and your potential SMF Star are eligible to apply...

Please read SMF Application Guidance and Collaboration Agreement

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Collaborator Eligibility

To qualify as Collaborators, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Agree that the support provided by SMF is to be used solely for the charitable purposes for which it was awarded.

  • Where relevant, provide a safe environment for the SMF Star to learn, with appropriate facilities and policies in place.

  • Agree to report on the progress made throughout the project and provide evidence of any certification on completion of the activities.

  • Agree to all conditions found in our Collaboration Agreement. Please read this document before applying.  

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Beneficiary (Star) Eligibility

To qualify for SMF Support, beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 11 to 25 years.

  • Resident in England or Wales.

  • Are neurodivergent (click to review what's included under the term 'neurodivergent') or are on a waiting list for diagnosis.

  • They should have a palpable interest in and gain a sense of enjoyment from engaging in STEM activities.

To understand how and why we have this criteria, please review our 'How we chose our Eligibility Criteria' doc.

Application Process

Step 1

If you are a potential SMF Star, find your collaborator (teacher, employer, club runner) to work on this with you.

If you are a Collaborator, identify your potential SMF Star and tell them about the SMF.

Step 2

Both potential stars and Collaborators must read the SMF Application Guidance and, Collaborators, please read the Collaborator Agreement before applying.  They will tell you all the detail you need.

Step 3


Depending on your age, click below and download your form.  When complete, email it back to us with any supporting documentation.


(Choose the relevant age group)

What Happens next?

  • Once the application closing date is reached, the Trustees will review the applications over the following month or so to determine the winner(s).

  • The SMF may be back in touch to ask you for additional information during that month.

  • They will aim to let you know if you've been successful or not within 2 months of the Application closing date.

How do the Trustees make their decision?

The Trustees will consider the following to determine the winners:

  • Adherence to the eligibility criteria

  • Alignment with the foundation's mission 

  • Confirmation that the outcomes of the support will demonstrate furtherance to the SMF's charitable purposes

  • Number of candidates and potential impact 

  • The availability of funds

If successful, the SMF will work with the beneficiary and collaborator to provided SMF Support tailored to address each SMF Star's unique need.

Office Meeting

What support can you apply for?

  • SMF Support encompasses various forms of assistance, such as financial aid, mentorship, work experience, and access to certain resources.

  • Detailed examples of SMF support can be found in the SMF Application Guidance.

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